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Survivor Philippines Season 2 Audition Dates - GMA 7


Survivor Philippines Season 2 Audition Dates - GMA 7. Are you free-spirited individual, Survivor fanatic, thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiast? Then, you are the one they are looking for! Join the Survivor Philippines Season 2. GMA Kapuso Network announced that Survivor Philippines Season 2 is on its way, after the success of Survivor Philippines Season 1 where JC Tiuseco is the Ultimate Pinoy Sole Survivor and grabbed the grand prize of 3 million pesos.


Feb 26 - 27 - Dagupan, CSI Mall
March 3 - 4 - Baguio , SM
March 9 -10 - Naga, Bicol LCC Mall
March 12 - 13 - Iloilo, SM
March 15 - 16 - Cebu, SM
March 18 - 19 - Davao, SM
March 23 - 24 - Lipa, Batangas SM
March 27 - 28 - SM North Edsa
March 29 - 30 - SM Mall of Asia


- 18 years old and above
- Physically and mentally fit
- Can survive in an island for 39 days



source: gmanews.tv

Vevherly Pours Emotions, Casted Off from "Larong Pangmayaman"


Paolo tells the losing Naak tribe that they would transfer to another camp, to start all over again, bring their stuff to build a new shelter on a new environment.

Kiko returns to the Jarakay Camp for the night until the next day. The tribemates are all hungry, tired and freezing. Kiko initiates to improvise a mini – bonfire inside their “tent” to keep them warmer.

Marlon admits that Kiko’s idea worked and it benefited them.

“Nabilib naman ako. Maganda. Nakita ko naman na para sa amin din. Natutuwa ako sa ginawa niya. “ - Marlon

Jarakay feasted on the mussels Naak gave them. Charisse can’t help but appreciate the food after “eating only rice for the longest time.” (akala ko ba grass ang food ng Naak?) Jace calls the seashell “Halaan on steroids.” (err, are you a stud on steroids too?)

But this wouldn’t stop him from saying more things against Kiks with the rest of the guys. Veronica even reinforces saying that “Feeling ko sa Naak napaka-bossy niya.” To which Marlon agrees. “Akala mo napakagaling niya, yung iba hindi alam yun, nakatanga sa kanya. Feeling niya encyclopedia siya.”

Oblivious to the backbiting talks, Kiko says that he respects Jarakay, even Marlon, being a guest at their tribe. He even confirms that the differences between Jace and him are already settled.

“I would have a hard time trusting him again, pero siguro naman pag buhay ko ang nakataya hindi niya ako gagaguhin or whatever.” - Kiko

However, Charisse further broke their pot while cleaning it. It was slammed by a big wave and now gone into bonkers. Marlon, seeing this as an opportunity to brag, goes out to get some bamboo where they would eventually cook rice, and it also comes with “ubod”, an instant veggie food.

“Puro research lang ang galing niya, di hands on eh,” Marlon says about Kiko.

However, Kiko started talking with them and makes fun of the “Pako incident” which made everyone made at ease.

“Di pa dumadating ang ransom sa kinidnap nyo, pinatay nyo na.”

Charisse defends by saying “Flavored pako yun.”

By the way, Charisse declares her admiration for Kiko - him being kind and helpful, which Marlon made fun of. “Someone’s falling…” And Charisse replied, "Ok siya a, ba't galit ka sa kanya?"

(Noticeably, Kiko’s arrival at the Jarakay brought some genuine laughter as well at the tribe.)

Marlon then takes the initiative to make a bracelet for Kiko, with his name engraved on it to add to his collection. Charisse presents the bracelet to their “special” guest. Then Kiko gave his speech, saying to Marlon that:

“Thank you for your hospitality kahit na pinako nyo ako. Sumama rin ako rito para ma-clear ang differences natin. To Marlon, pag nagtatrash o nagbabad mouth talk ka, you are being misinterpreted.”

He even tells Marlon that, “Paano ako hindi makikipagbati sa’yo, eh ginawan mo pa ako ng bracelet…”

Marlon’s pride succumbs, saying “Masaya ako, masarap din pala siyang kasama…”

source: www.survivorphilippines.com

Survivor Philippines Episode 6: Jarakay Wins the Fire Starter


Once again Jarakay Tribe wins the Fire Starter of the Survivor Philippines Episode 6 Challenge. Fire Starter is very important to the tribe for cooking food and etc.

The Jarakay Team picked Veronica for the task, since, she's bigger than some of the girls maybe because as a taekwondo athlete, she's good in balancing. She bravely crosses the foot stools leading to their victory.

The good thing is the winning team would finally have fire and could cook and eat decent food! and the saddest thing is Naak could potentially not eat any decent meal at all for 39 days! Oh men...